Awash Mountain

Awash National Park Tour

Parc_national_d'Awash-Ethiopie-Chutes_d'eau_(3)Awash National park is located in the northern part of the Great Rift Valley at the point where the rift widens out into the Afar depression. The park is found 215km east of Addis Ababa.
This National Park was the first to be established in Ethiopia mainly on advice given by UNESCO on account of the great numbers and varieties of wild mammals and birds (which it then contained) and because of its tourist potential. The crater of Mt. Fantale is the dominant geologic feature in the park, it’s height is 2007m above sea level. The crater is as deep as 350m and its diameter is about 3.5 km. Occasionally, in the dormant crater active steam vents are visible in the early mornings and late afternoons with mountain Reedbuck and Klipspringerwhich live along the steep slopes of the crate
The Awash River is about 1,200km long (the second longest river within the country). The river has its source near Ginchi, 90km west of Addis Ababa. It ends in the heart of the Afar depression in Lake Abe from which there is no surface outlet. There is beautiful scenery along the Awash River in the park. The waterfall is located near the headquarters and the new Awash Falls lodge
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