Simien Mountains

Simien Mountains Ethiopia Tour


Day 1:
Our Simien Mountains Ethiopia Tour starts at Gondar from where we drive to the small town of Debark, the ‘gateway’ to the Simien Mountains. The drive takes about 2 hours on a road that is about 90% asphalt. In Debark we will go through the entrance formalities such as registering names, paying entrance fees and collecting the scout. After a short coffee break in Debark we will drive for about an hour into the park and then start our trip. We will walk to Sankaber (2 hours), bask in some beautiful mountain views, make a campfire and sleep at a campsite close to Sankaber (3250m). If you prefer, you can stay at the well-equipped Simien Park Lodge instead. This will need to be booked in advance and will incur an extra charge, set by the Lodge.
Day 2:
In the second day of our tour we go from Sankaber (3,200m) to Geech Camp (3,600m), walking for 5-6 hours (15 km). After a hearty breakfast, you’ll set off trekking along the ridge with stunning views over the foothills 800m below. For the first two hours the trail passes through low bush of massive heather, soda apple, Abyssinian rose, St. John’s Wort and Globe thistle. The highlight of the trek from Sankaber to Geech is Jinbar Falls, an incredible 500m pure drop. From the viewpoint opposite, you can watch the falcons, augur buzzard and lammergeyer bearded vulture soar on the thermals below. From the Jinbar Falls, the trail passes drier, dustier land broken by lunch at a somewhat less intimidating and more peaceful waterfall. Klipspringer and bush buck may be seen in the steep rocky and wooded slopes, whilst troops of Gelada Baboons roam the dusty fields for roots. Just before you reach Geech, there is a wonderful opportunity to visit one of the traditional village houses for home-roasted coffee and injera. Geech Camp itself is set on a grassy plateau with stunning sunset views.
Day 3:
Geech (3600m) to Immetgogo (3926m) – Inatye(4070)- Chennek (3,600m) walking 7-8 hrs/ 15km. Today is the longest and arguably most spectacular passing close to the ridge most of its length. After breakfast you will head back on the path towards Imetgogo before detouring SE towards Inatye. The path drops into a forest of Giant Hazel before following the ridge on open grassland. The climb to Inatye (4,070m) rewards with stunning views. Intaye roughly translates as “Mamma Mia” and the terrifying vertical drop justly warrants the name! After a picnic lunch the path follows mostly downhill though open grassland and gian lobelia towards Chenek with a number of stunning viewpoints along the way. Chennek camp is superb for wildlife with both Gelada Baboons and Wallia Ibex common here.
Day 4:
Chennek (3600m) – Gondar, this is the last and the end of the trek that jeep will come to Chennek and drive back to Gondar which is after breakfast. Arrival to Gondar is a round 2pm.
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